My Month In Oaxaca

I will be in Oaxaca, Mexico from February 3 until March 1, 2017. It is my goal to post each day sharing the abundant forms of artistic Expression here. Today (after recovering from a long journey complicated by an emergency landing by our Delta jet in another Mexican state), I ventured out into Oaxaca City, a place where as a practicing artist, I feel very much at home. On my way to the market, I encountered the artists participating in the event, “Casa Grafica”. Artists from 12 collective ¬†studios known a “talleres” and also 7 independent graphic artists joined forces to occupy a n historic two story building a few blocks from the Zocalo and install their work on its walls.

Artist Installs Work at "Casa Grafica" event in Oaxaca
Artist Installs Work at “Casa Grafica” event in Oaxaca

The event, created by La Comision ( ¬†took place over 2 days, on February 3rd and 4th. Works presented included prints on paper of varied sizes, posters, designs on hats and tee shirts, and book covers. Critiques of politics and culture informed and inspired the works. Experiencing “Casa Grafica” was a wonderful way to begin my month’s sojourn in Oaxaca!

Artist installs his work in the Casa Grafica event space
Artist installs his work in the Casa Grafica event space
Work by Yescka of Taller Glaeria Siquieros
Work by Yescka of Guerilla-Art.Mx

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