The DSM-5 – Reconstructed by Goddard College Expressive Arts Therapy Concentration Student Brit Davis


While reading the DSM-5, I experienced many different emotions and contemplated why so many complex processes were all neatly organized into one publication. As an Expressive Arts Therapy response, I decided to reconstruct the DSM-5. After considering multiple meanings of the words, manual and disorder (see definitions below), I was inspired to physically alter the DSM-5 into a self-revised version that I refer to as the Diagnostic Manual of Disorder (DMD). Included inside the revised copy is a DVD that displays a do-it-yourself guide to making your own diagnostic manual of disorder. The process is demonstrated in my performance art piece below.


[man-yoo-uh l]

  1. done, operated, worked, etc., by the hand or hands rather than by an electronic device.
  2. involving or using human effort, skill, power, energy, etc.
  3. a small book, especially one giving information or instructions.





  1. lack of order or regular arrangement.
  2. breach of order; disorderly conduct; public disturbance.
  3. to destroy the order or regular arrangement of; disarrange.

You can experience my DSM – 5 performance art piece in the video here:

DSM-5 Reconstructed
DSM-5 Reconstructed

The DSM- 5 Reconstructed by Brit Davis

Brit Davis

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